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The unique experience of escape game

Time is ticking…the challenge of your life is ahead of you…are you clever enough? Will you use your sixth sense? Will you be able to solve the puzzles? Will you be able to complete the quest? Will you escape from an escape room in time?

URBANescape offers fun for groups in three different Escape Games: Escape Room, Escape Mission and Portable Escape Game.

Escape Rooms

You and your friends form a team of 2-6 members and get locked in a thematically designed escape room full of riddles, locked cabinets, puzzles, and secret objects. You have 60 minutes to find and solve all riddles using logic and wit.

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Escape Missions

You form a team of 2-5 people and receive a mission task you have to accomplish in 90 minutes. Escape mission doesn’t take place in the ZURICHescape premises: in contrary to escape room, you will not be locked in a room but you leave ZÜRICHescape to a public but indoor place. You will have to find out how to get there and then back again, which should be easy, because you get a plan. But, of course, it will be much more difficult to solve all the riddles awaiting you there! Escape Mission can be played in any weather as it takes place in an indoor location. Two locations are heated/air-conditioned.

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Mobile Game

You build with your friends or colleagues teams of 2-5 players and get a job. This game does not take place at ZÜRICHescape: we will bring the game to a location of your choice! Up to 200 participants can play our portable game at the same time. Players will go around the venue to search for clues, solve puzzles, and fulfil a series of funny and tricky tasks. They will have to try their best in order to accomplish their mission and to beat the other teams.

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