The unique experience of Escape Games

Time is running … you are facing the challenge of your life … the time is running … are you smart enough? Can you activate your sixth sense? Can you solve the riddles? Will you be able to successfully complete the quest?

ZÜRICHescape provides an ultimate recreational experience for groups in the form of two different Escape Games: Escape Room and Escape Mission.

Escape Room

You form a team of 2 to 6 players with your friends and you have 60 minutes to find your way out of a mysterious, locked room.

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Escape Mission

You form a team of 2 to 5 players with your friends and receive a mission that you have to complete within 90 minutes. Escape Missions do not take place directly at ZÜRICHescape: in contrast to the Escape Rooms, you are not locked into a room, but sent on a mission to an indoor public location. You get a map and you will have to find the way there and back. While this will be quite easy, solving the many tasks that await you there will be much more difficult! Escape Missions can be played in any weather, because all sites are indoors and some of them are heated / air-conditioned.

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Outdoor Escape Mission

You form a team of 2 to 5 players with your friends and receive a mission.

This mission does not take place directly at ZÜRICHescape: in contrast to the other Escape Missions, the entire mission takes place outdoors. The mission starts right outside the gates of ZÜRICHescape and has a playing time of 60 minutes.

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At ZÜRICHescape you need at least 70 minutes for the Escape Rooms and the Outdoor Escape Missions and at least 100 minutes for the Escape Missions, because you need 10 minutes to familiarise yourself with the Escape Game rules.

Mobiles Game

You form teams of 2 to 5 players with your friends or colleagues and get a mission. This game does not take place directly at ZÜRICHescape: we bring the game to you! Up to 200 people can simultaneously play our mobile games. Players will look for hints, solve puzzles and various fun tasks. The teams have to do their best to tackle all challenges ahead of their competitors in order to win the game.

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Isn’t it fun to do something adventurous with your friends and to achieve a goal together? Put your heads together and win the race against time. You’ll love the adrenaline that playing ZÜRICHescape at brings!

Each Escape Room at ZÜRICHescape provides an ideal family bonding experience:

You will work together as a family and solve various tasks as a team!

We invite families with small children to the Family Adventure in the Jungle, the world’s first “Escape Room” game designed specifically for children over 5 years.

Are you visiting Zurich, one of the most visited cities in Europe? Why not spice up your sightseeing at ZÜRICHescape? Our location is in the heart of Zurich, in the midst of a lively gastro and shopping district and close to all the important places to visit. Have a look at our interactive map. We would like to give you some tips for your stay in Zurich. Team formation at ZÜRICHescape is unique. To solve all puzzles, it takes a good strategy and teamwork. We guarantee that your work colleagues will have a fun-filled experience.

But do not think that it is easy: you will need a lot of logic and a good sense of combination! We would be pleased to advise your company or organisation.

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