What is the Outdoor Escape mission and what is the difference to the other escape missions?

As the name says, the Outdoor Escape Mission is an escape mission. The term 'outdoor' means that the entire mission takes place outside (in contrast to the other escape missions, which take place in indoor locations). Another difference from the other missions is that the Outdoor Escape mission lasts only 60 minutes because it takes place just outside of ZÜRICHescape. The way to the location of the mission thus drops out. The term 'Escape Mission' means also that the game takes place in one place. so you will not run through the streets of the city and search for hints (as with paper chase, «Schnitzeljagd »).

I know Escape Rooms. But what are your Escape Missions?

An Escape Mission is a new kind of Escape Game we created. It is something different, but similar to an Escape Room. The main difference is you are not escaping, because you are not locked in. You get a mission you need to accomplish. The mission takes place outside the ZURICHescape premises, but in close vicinity. You get a map, which will take you to the starting point of the mission. From this point you start solving tasks and riddles. You get 60 minutes time to solve the mission, same as in Escape Room. For the journey to and from the mission you get 30 minutes extra, so the whole escape game lasts 90 minutes. All Escape Missions are located indoors, so they can be played at any weather.

Escape Mission can be played as a duel. What does this mean?

In the duel mode two groups play against each other. The group which is faster at solving the mission wins. Not all missions can be played in the duel mode. For more information read the mission’s descriptions.

Is your escape mission something similar to Foxtrail?

No. Foxtrail is a walking tour. You solve the tasks to figure out the next stop of the tour. So the purpose is to walk from a place to place. Our missions take place at one location only. The results of the tasks you solve are partial information you need to successfully complete the mission or the information you need to progress in the game itself.

I cannot decide between Escape room and escape mission. What is more difficult?

Players, who played both, escape room and escape mission, find the escape mission more difficult. Generally, we also observe that it takes longer to complete the mission than it takes to complete the escape room. For beginners we therefore recommend to start with one of our escape rooms and only after this experience, try the escape mission.

Can non-German speakers play too?

Non-German speakers are welcome to ZÜRICHescape. All our staff speaks English. To understand the instructions, it is enough if one member of your team speaks intermediate English. Escape Room itself does not require language skills. For Escape Missions good English is required since all tasks are in written form.

Can I play the game by myself?

ZÜRICHescape is an interactive game designed for a team of 2 to 5 or 6 persons (depends on booked play-room). Some of the tasks require more than one person to accomplish them. Hence, the single player is not possible.

We would like to organize teambuilding at ZURICHescape. How many people can play at the same time?

No matter if it is teambuilding, teamevent, stag party, school trip or Birthday party, at ZURICHescape 46 people can play at the same time. 11 people in our Escape Rooms and 35 people in our Escape Missions.

At what age do you suggest to enter an Escape Game?

Everybody over 10 years can play rooms Room of Rebel and Adventure in the Jungle. Already kids over 5 years can play in the Family adventure in the Jungle room. Adult supervision is required below the age of 15. There isn't a maximum age.
We recommend not to take kids in our Escape Mission before the age of 8.

How big can a Game-Group be?

Based on the experience and limited space of the Escape Room, the optimal size of a group for the Room of Rebel is between 2 and 5. For the Adventure in the Jungle and Family Adventure in the Jungle it's between 2 and 6. In the Escape Missions a group can consist of 2-5 people.

Is it possible to do a (really) private event?

If it is a team-building, a stag party or birthday party: you are welcome to have a really private event at ZURICHescape. Although, it is required to book at least two consecutive slots in both Escape Rooms. In the break between slots a special snack and drinks can be served in our cosy café. For more details please contact us.

Is Family Adventure in Jungle suitable for a kid’s birthday party?

Of course! The room Family Adventure in Jungle is a perfect place for a kid’s birthday party. There are many tasks to accomplish and every kid can discover and solve several riddles. We can also make your gift to be part of the game and have it stashed in a chest as a special riddle for a celebrating kid. For more information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Can we come spontaneously or is reservation needed?

Unfortunately it is not possible to come to ZÜRICHescape without a booking . You always need a reservation for your chosen date. You can book your slot up to 24 hours before your arrival. For a short term reservation please contact us.

Is it possible to change the date after I have booked it on the system? Cancellation policy.

You have up to 48 hours before the Escape Room or Escape Mission starts to cancel or change your reservation free of charge. The date for the Outdoor Escape Mission you can cancel or change free of charge due to bad weather up to 5 hours before the game would start. For cancellation: cancel the appointment with the link in the confirmation email. For a change of date: also cancel the appointment with the link in the confirmation email and reserve a new appointment online. By not showing up, a cancellation fee of 50 CHF will be charged.

When should we arrive and what if we come late?

There is a short briefing about the room story and game rules before the game. It is also the only time to visit the toilet. So it is very important to arrive 10 minutes before the start!

How do we come to ZÜRICHescape and is it possible to come by car?

There are several car parks near the venue, but availability cannot be guaranteed. Paid garages are also in the close vicinity. However, we recommend to use public transportation or just walk from the centrum of Zürich. Our venue is 5 minutes walk away from the main train station and from 5 different tram / bus stops. Let’s have a look at the interactive map

How can we pay?

You can pay with the voucher in cash or by a debit card before the game starts. At ZÜRICHescape we accept Visa, Maestro and PostFinance.

Is it possible to chill out at your venue after the game?

Yes, it is. You can order a well-deserved hot or cold beverage, chill out on comfy couches and discus all the impressions you got from the game.

What is the recommended clothing for the game?

Dress to feel comfortable! There are no special requirements for the Room of Rebel. We recommend not to wear tights and gentle textiles in our (Family) Adventure in the Jungle. For the Escape Missions we definitely recommend comfortable shoes. And if you wear glasses, don't forget them at home!

Can I give ZÜRICHescape game as a gift?

Yes, in fact at ZÜRICHescape we create beautifully crafted handmade vouchers, which can come also in a labyrinth box. It is a great and original gift for couples, kids, dads, for a birthday, Christmas, St. Valentine´s day and even as a wedding gift for your friends. Open date vouchers valid for 12 months can be ordered via voucher order form here and sent by post or collected in person at our venue.

Is the game somehow dangerous or scary?

Not at all. The game is all about solving riddles and cracking codes to find your way out. The adrenalin comes from the thrill of being under time pressure. However if someone feels a bit claustrophobic, you can easily leave the room.