Outdoor Escape Mission

You build with your friends a team of 2-5 players and get a job. This mission also does not directly take place at ZÜRICHescape: but unlike the other escape missions, the entire mission takes place outside. The job begins just outside of ZÜRICHescape and has a play time of 60 minutes.

Police vs. junkies

Police has just been informed, that at a location near Z√úRICHescape drugs are being manufactured and sold and is planning an immediate police raid. A drug junkie has heard of it and has informed the other junkies immediately. The police wants to secure the drugs and arrest the dealers. The junkies want to back the drugs up and warn the dealers. Who comes to the drugs first? Nobody except the dealers know where the drugs are stored.
Can be played as duel.

This mission has two parts:


In the first part of the mission you will track down the dealers.


In the second part of the mission you will get the drugs.
It is a requirement to play part 1 before part 2 can be played.