Why is ZÜRICHescape HANDMADE voucher an excellent gift idea?

  • You are giving 60minutes of joy, thrill and active fun, all in one package.
  • The game is to be enjoyed in a team (which you can be part of).
  • You can give it to a single person or to your friends or family to spend some great time together.
  • Our original handmade voucher is a wonderful present for children and adults, both will be thrilled!
  • Of course, our handmade Vouchers are PERSONALIZED and you can even add a wish.
  • You can order it in a PUZZLE BOX, which is a gift in itself .
  • You can order it easily online and have it sent to you or directly to the person, you want to surprise.


Please call us for more information or write us an email and we’ll send you offer of our vouchers.

Our Email is info@zurichescape.ch
Our telephone number is 043 317 19 19